Fatigue and Pain related to Chronic Illness

Do you feel tired? Are you in pain? When you have Crohn’s Disease like I do these two symptoms are difficult to manage and ever present. Today was worse than other days, I felt so tired it was difficult to do anything today.
It turns out that Crohn’s Disease and Colitis cause unearned and unpredictable fatigue.

What this means is that you can be tired for no reason at all, completely unrelated to your amount of sleep or level of physical exercise you have engaged
in. Second, the fatigue is impossible to predict when it will knock you down.
I view the best friend of fatigue to be pain as it turns out they are very closely related. As one worsens so does the other.

I am currently working on a self-help book called: Help for Fatigue and Pain: A program designed to treat Chronic Ilness related pain, fatigue, and depression.
There are moments when I hurt so much in my abdomen and sitting down due to inflammation that it is hard to focus onanything at all but the physical pain. This can be an isolating condition. I imagine whomever built that castle/estate in the photo above decided they wanted to be isolated on all sides! Well it turns out that isolation or resting does not improve pain. In fact today when I felt the least amount of pain was when I was the busiest.

If you experience chronic pain and fatigue I want you to try something out for one week. Simply write down from 1-10 with 10 being the worst and one being the least, how much pain and how much fatigue you had each day. Then I want
you to write down what you were doing when you felt your best and worst!

My final thought for the evening: Being in pain from Crohn’s or Colits builds character. Next time your mind tells you can not accomplish a goal such as making a meal or going to a store or work, remember: “I have been in this situation before and I am still here, I am okay, and I can handle it.” So go about your business and remind yourself you
can keep on going.

  • By Isaac Levinsky.